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Austin City Limit! What You Need To Know!

Austin City Limits Music Festival 2009. Day 3

If you plan on attending a music festival in the autumn, then look no further than Austin City Limits. Austin City Limits Music Festival goes down in Austin, TX at Zilker Park, and comprises two weekends of impressive shows.


The largest draw for the Austin City Limits Music Festival is undoubtedly the talent that’ll take the stage. Headliners contain Major Lazer, Radiohead, Mumford and Sons, Kendrick Lamar and The Chainsmokers.


The ACL Festival features an art marketplace featuring local talent including local sellers with great food. Whether you’re craving Texas BBQ, pizza, ice cream or coffee to keep you going, ACL Eats has you covered. All the food will be fresh and local so you can eat good and feel good for the whole weekend. The Art Market at ACL includes art work, handcrafted jewelry and local fashion boutiques from aspiring artists. Austin City Limits makes sure there is always something, if you need a rest from the music.


All the info above is merely the basics as it pertains to Austin City Limits Music Festival.


Here at The King Of Tickets we’re all about the next big thing. There are lots of artists that are deserving, but four of them jump out at us when viewing the ACL lineup. Far from the Main Stage, these artists will steal the show if you give them the opportunity.


Kamaiyah –

If this name sounds familiar it’s probably because you’ve heard it. Kamaiyah, the Oakland native, was on one of the most popular rap tracks of the year. “Why You Always Hatin?” a song by the dynamic duo of Drake and West Coast rapper YG she laid down vocals for the chorus. The female rapper reminds fans of Missy Elliott, but does so in such a way that her delivery doesn’t come across as fake or forced. In an era where musicians get accused of biting at each other’s style, Kamaiyah’s creativity is refreshing. Her introduction Mixtape, A Good Night in the Ghetto, earned rave reviews due to her bouncy 90s exceptional cadence and design beats. Kamaiyah has not yet received the credit she deserves, but a solid set at ACL could be the answer.


AlunaGeorge –

Aluna Francis and George Reid have incredible music ability, as their music is some of the easiest to listen to at the festival. AlunaGeorge hails from London, England, but this electronic pop tag team is ready to take over Austin, TX. While Reid excels in the production and instrumentation of the group’s music Francis supplies the vocals and songwriting. The synth pop sound that the band has created has become contagious. The duo released their second studio album on September 16th and it received favorable reviews from critics and their fans in the UK. AlunaGeorge is an experimental band that combines soulful vocals with dub step beats to create a sound that is contagious.


Wild Belle –

The next duo is Wild Belle. Sibs Natalie and Elliot Bergman hail from just outside Chicago and have been creating music under the name Wild Belle since 2011. Their music is being discovered by some important players in the music industry and Wild Belle is poised for a breakout at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. One of the band was played in the movie, “Pitch Perfect.” Wild Belle has also written a tune with Diplo that appeared on Major Lazer’s record, Peace Is the Mission. Working with two of the biggest names in the electronic dance music landscape was enormous for Wild Belle’s credibility. See what they’re all about at Austin City Limits Music Festival.


NF –

Stick around after Wild Belle for an hour and you’ll view one of greatest Christian rappers around. NF or Nate Feuerstein is rising. He reached number one on the US Rap Charts, giving him his second top-ten album on that list in back-to-back years. His parents divorced when he was young, and his mom died in 2009.


His life perspective gives his music a raw emotion that many of his fans can relate to. His Christian beliefs let his music to be heard by fans of all ages, and his rapping abilities have attracted many fans of the genre that value the gift. That mix should make for a jam-packed crowd and an entertaining set for NF at Austin City Limits Music Festival.


With its reasonable share of headliners and music ability on the rise, Austin City Limits Music Festival is must-see this year. Find your tickets right here at The King Of Tickets!

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