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Ariana Grande To Start Her ‘Dangerous Woman Tour’

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is one of pop music’s stars most popular artist. Grande is bubbly and energetic enough to cast ownership of mainstream pop radio. She’s mature enough to pull off a duet with Nicki Minaj and sexy. She’s gifted enough to be cast as the next Mariah Carey; a comparison I think fits her quite well. From her origination as a Disney television show star to her ‘Miss Almost Grown’ 2016 VMAs performance, Grande is just another success who has grown up in front of the public eye. In 2016, Dangerous Woman established to her listeners that she’s not a little girl and a new pop vocalist surfaced.


Dangerous Woman: Grande’s Journey as a Twentysomething

Nonetheless, this really is not to say the record soared without stopping. Grande’s Dangerous Woman resonates with a more comprehensive thinking of early twenty-somethings. The album is a maze of butting thoughts and intricacies, although she believes she knows who she is, she’s confident in that part. This confusion translates to the album itself. For example, “Moonlight” casts a far different approach than “Side to Side.” It is not to say an artist should sound the same in every track, but Grande seems to be stumbling through her young adult years by means of this record itself, discovering who she is and where she’s going.


The younger Ari heavily relied on dance music backbeats for example “Break Free” and “Problem.” Yet, Grande is more gifted than an average vocalist who hobbles through an average pop track using a characteristic to bring in interest. “Break Free” wasn’t a hit because of the beat. The vocals blasted and gave it emotion. Dangerous Woman finds her ebbing towards diverse styles of pop music. “Dangerous Woman” is a sultry, slow sizzler that made listeners realize this is really a new Grande.

2016 VMAs Performance “Side to Side”

These radio-friendly-yet-unimpressive tunes cannot overshadow the progression in this album. Grande is underratedly one of the most talented female pop singers of the generation. Denying her this award is to overlook pop music as a legitimate genre predicated on mainstream success in addition to music ability. Her particular artistic identity isn’t yet formed. Also, a hope for Grande’s future progression is her discovery of her artistic self in a specified sense. Rather than a wide hold of several pop music markets, a release of her younger self could catapult her music into a completely new space.


“Dangerous Woman Tour”

Grande is setting off on her tour starting February 3rd at Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ. In reality, the first concert was actually scheduled for February 2nd. It was moved due to scheduling conflicts. Little Mix and Victoria Monet will open on the tour. Her tour will feature V.I.P. and meet and greet alternatives, which is an area that the pop diva received slack for in the past. This really is due to fans’ disappointing narratives of her meet and greets, resulting in a chink in her reputation.


Grande is the topic of criticism regarding ‘realness’ and her limited exposure in her career. Much of her music appears to hide behind the performative qualities of an entertainer, and in combination with meet and greet narratives noted above, there is question to how much Grande needs to show the outside world.


I really believe that, with all the criticism, Grande is a singer who doesn’t receive enough esteem for her vocal ability. Whether it’s because of her age or society’s inclination to disregard pop as ‘real talent,’ Ari must keep growing and proving people wrong.


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