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Adam Sandler Comedy Tour

Adam Sandler

From the big screen to the big stage, Adam Sandler constantly brings jokes. A comedy legend since the early 90s, Sandler has done it all. A producer, celebrity, comic and even multi-platinum recording artist, Sandler is a living legend.

Throughout his long career, Sandler has befriended many other comics that are equally as talented and enthusiastic as he is. The comedians joining Sandler on this particular comedy tour contain David Spade, Rob Schneider, Tim Meadows and Nick Swardson. This squad has worked collectively on several successful comedy films, and this tour ought to be no different.


The list of movies this uproarious cast acted or has created includes: The Benchwarmers, Don’t Mess With The Zohan, Hotel Transylvania and Big Daddy simply to name some.


Each one of them is hilarious as the next. Chemistry and their similar styles is what’ll make the show that much more pleasing.


Here is a fast run down of all these comedians certificate, and what they’ll bring to the show.


Tim Meadows

An old pal of Sandler’s from SNL, Meadows bring plenty of experience to the stage. Meadows was clearly one of the first comedians to work alongside Chris Farley and got his start in 1991.


His comedic abilities were noticed because of the range of characters he could pull off. Meadows also had his first character from his time on SNL, “The Ladies Man,” Leon Phelps.


Meadows’ connection to Sandler comes through SNL, and also the movies Coneheads and Grown Ups.


His variety of impressions and humor in front of a live audience is the thing that makes Meadows worth seeing. He continues to sharpen his skills to this day by frequently performing improvised comedy in Los Angeles.


David Spade

Another SNL alum, David Spade is one of the many comedians that doesn’t abide to “Act your age”. His comedic style revolves around sarcasm immaturity and self deprecation.


He is still a major factor in TV comedies and movies, since his start on SNL in the early 90’s.


His style is embodied perfectly by his character in the movie, Joe Dirt. He’s worked with Adam Sandler in popular films such as The Benchwarmers and Grown Ups.


Nick Swardson

He has become an understudy to these comedy legends, and is as close to the reincarnation of David Spade as you can get.


Dedication and work ethic to his craft is what earned him a place on this particular tour. Known for his impressions, voice transforming ability and affinity for playing with a number of the oddest characters that Sandler can create, Swardson has acted in several memorable parts over the years.


His capability to translate those skills to live stand-up comedy is the thing that keeps fans coming back for much more.

Rob Schneider

One of Sandler’s oldest pals, Schneider is one of the most naturally funny people on earth. It is hard to discover a film of Sandler’s that Schneider isn’t in, which is surprising as a result of fact he’s generally cast to be the target of everyone’s jokes.


Schneider met Sandler on SNL and they’ve been working together ever since. From Big Daddy all the way to Grown Ups, they are not separable.


I’m confident Schneider has plenty of content prepared as he has recently made the news for his contentious pro-Trump position.


Moreover, he is the only comdedian scheduled for each show of the tour this time around. He’ll be saving his best material for a tour with his old buddy Adam Sandler.


With this line up of comics, if you have a need for a laugh this really is a show you can’t manage to miss.


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