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30 Years Of Rock For Green Day!


Green Day is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, and now the predicament facing the pop punk group is one that all people face when they reach their 30th birthday: are the golden days over? That is the question that Green Day will without doubt be asking as the reviews and sales come in for their latest album, Revolution Radio, that will be released on October 7. To help support a favorable album, the group is going on a short tour of North America over the next month. Next year they’ll tour in Europe.


The last 30 years have definitely been a wild wide for the band. Tré Cool left in 1990 and replaced Kiffmeyer, completing the present lineup. They finally located mainstream commercial success with Dookie (1994).


Since that time, they’ve done incredibly well for themselves, though perception of the group by its fan base and even by themselves, started to change. Dookie took a pop approach to the traditional punk sound that Green Day has adopted since. The changes in the group’s sound had an impact on reviewers, some of whom believed that the group had lost the punk sound that made them popular. Meanwhile, the record’s success led some fans to declare the band had sold out, even Armstrong shared some of these issues, committing time to it on the next record, Insomniac. Green Day is maybe second only to Blink182 as emblematic of the battle between punk’s DIY, anti-mainstream sub culture and the changes that come as a result of commercial success.


With the band’s next three records, Insomniac (1995), Nimrod (1997), and Warning (2000), not enjoying quite as much main-stream and financial success as the Dookie, the band took some time to re group.


After a flurry of records, the following four albums saw more of a mixed reception but the group remains doing nicely thanks to the international success of the Broadway musical American Idiot and touring. Hence, while it remains to be seen how good Revolution Radio does, Green Day has shown the skill to come out with great albums when least expected.


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