Watch: Adam Lambert Challenges James Corden to Queen Sing-Off

Queen Adam Lambert

On the heels of Queen, Adam Lambert declared James Corden and the former American Idol singer had a Late Late Show showdown to see who should function as the band’s vocalist.


“In my head growing up I thought that I would always make a great frontman for Queen,” Corden told the audience. “I’m not saying I would be a better frontman than [Lambert]; I’m just saying I would be a better frontman than him.”


Lambert afterward emerged from backstage to challenge Corden to a sing-off to see who should be fronting Queen.


Corden subsequently delivered “Don’t Stop Me Now,” a powerful performance that made Lambert so concerned with losing that the singer cut it short. “Look at [May’s] face, he knows he made a mistake, Corden bragged after his quick performance.


Nevertheless, after Lambert blew the audience away with “Another One Bites the Dust,” an emotional Corden eventually acknowledged to Lambert, “Okay, okay, you are a better frontman than me.”


After calling a truce, the two stopped their showdown with a “Somebody to Love” duet.


“What I always loved about Queen was that I could see what Freddie and the band were exploring, and I could identify with that,” Lambert said. “I started falling in love with rock & roll, I dressed up like a club kid and went out at night, wore weird shit, I’m gay – all of that stuff put together. When I look at the history of rock & roll, Queen is the band that resonated the most with me… I’ve always been honored and understanding of the weight and legacy of the band.”